A fun thing about being an AFAB who has a Race Car brain with Unicycle brakes, is the part where you overcommit yourself on “good brain days” only to find yourself struggling and wondering why the hell you did this to yourself two weeks later.

Should I have started this blog?

Yes. Writing is good for me.

Can I commit to writing regularly?


I’m learning to be ok with deprioritizing when my bandwidth starts running low. There used to be a ton of shame associated with this. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve completely overcome that shame.

In my Grad School program, we’re discussing the history of education in America. This country built its standards of excellence around a student’s ability to behave like a good little assembly line factory worker. Embarrassingly, we’ve failed to innovate those practices in the face of an automated workforce.

I’m trying to remind myself that the standards I have been conditioned to hold myself to were rooted in patriarchal colonizer capitalist bullshit, and that those standards have become functionally obsolete.

I’m trying to remind myself that organic creativity is a skill that is difficult to automate, and that my zoomy brain is more of an asset than a liability in this changing world.

I will update when I can, but my priorities are as follows:

  • Tiny Human Care / Protection
  • Mental Health
  • Partner Care
  • Grad School
  • Housework
  • Discord Community
  • Side Biz Obligations
  • Blogging

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should probably subscribe if you want updates.

They’ll be random.

Much like my brain.

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