How To Start a Blog When You Have ADHD


Step One: Hyperfocus on choosing a template & choosing your domain.

Step Two: Experience Rejection Sensitivity when the launch doesn’t immediately garner a mass following.

Step Three: Start an Accelerated Master’s Program that you totally have bandwidth for.

Step Four: Forget the blog exists.

Step Five: Get married.

Step Six: Achieve a 4.0 GPA in the first term of Grad School.

Step Seven: Start the second term & discover that the new professors missed the memo about the dangers of overloading students with too much homework.

Step Eight: Neglect your child for half a week in an attempt to convince yourself that you can totally manage a workload of 7 chapters of textbook reading + an entire book + two papers + discussion posts — half of which is due by Wednesday.

Step Nine: Have an emotional meltdown tinged with self-loathing over the fact that you have failed to keep of the metaphorical balls in the air.

Step Ten: Withdraw from the program before you get billed for the second term.

Step Eleven: Lament the fact that you just spent several hundreds of dollars on text books that you can’t use.

Step Twelve: Get billed for the second term anyways.

Step Thirteen: Convince yourself you’ll finish the program once your son is in elementary school.

Step Fourteen: Become consumed by managing an array of medical specialist appointments & therapies.

Step Fifteen: Catch up on all of the household duties that fell to shit when you were trying to convince yourself that you could totally handle Grad School right now.

Step Sixteen: Remember you started a blog, consider coming back with a post about how difficult it is to complete bureaucratic tasks such as a legal name change during the pandemic that never ends.

Step Seventeen: Make 4 trips to the DMV, two to the (Closed) local Social Security office, and half-a-dozen calls to various Social Security Branches in fruitless attempts to legally change your name & track down the marriage license that is being held hostage by Vogons.

Step Eighteen: Receive marriage license back in the mail — without any notation of explanation… let alone the replacement social security card you applied for.

Step Nineteen: Thanos your own Discord Server.

Step Twenty: Return to the blog, masking your embarrassment behind a tongue-in-cheek listicle post that pokes fun at the way your neurodivergence makes it challenging to start and complete tasks — despite the fact that your brain is constantly churning out new ideas at a zillion miles per minute.

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